Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, all of our cookies are vegan. We don't use any eggs or dairy in any of our cookies. We also always ensure that the special add-ins are vegan-friendly.

Please note that our cookies may contain traces of dairy due to cross-contamination.

No, we made sure to go with a brand that did not use this process. The sugar we use is vegan-friendly.

Orders are open every day of the week or until sold out.


We bake local delivery orders on Thursday and Friday to deliver in Ottawa Saturday. 

*Delivery Friday evening is possible!


To be included in Thursday/Friday's bake day, you must place your order by Wednesday 8pm EST. 


*Orders placed after Wednesday 8pm will be baked the following week.


**There is a minimum order amount of $15.

We bake all orders that are shipping out on Sunday to ensure you will receive your cookies when they are at their freshest.


To be included in Sunday's bake day you must place your order by Saturday 8pm EST.


*Orders placed after Saturday 8pm will be baked the following week.


**There is a minimum order amount of $15.

Our heat sealed packages will ensure your cookies stay fresh for at least 2 weeks. We do recommend that you store your cookies in the freezer if you do not plan on eating them within a few days of their arrival, this way you can eat them at a later date and they will still be just as fresh. 

Yes absolutely! The cookies can be enjoyed at room temperature, reheated in the oven or a quick reheat in the microwave. We suggest 8 minutes in your oven set to 300°F. In the microwave, a quick 10 seconds will do.

We ship throughout Canada.

Unfortunately we do not offer pick-up options at this time.

We do not accept any returns or offer refunds due to the nature of the items we sell. 

If you have any issues with your order please send us an email so we can resolve it.